Wednesday, June 4, 2008

review: redpoint StayPut Eyeliner

since being introduced to redpoint at the Total Beauty Blog Summit last month, i have fallen in love with their StayPut Eyeliner that we received! the StayPut Eyeliner is an eyeliner pencil formulated to be long-wearing, water-resistant, and smudge-proof. as busy as my life gets, that is always a good thing.

the color i use is called Conga, a beautiful brown with a hint of metallic shimmer. it is very smooth feeling and glides on with ease. there's no tugging at the eye, which i have found to be so annoying with other pencil-style eyeliners, and instantly i have a defined eye that not only looks perfect for day, but continues to look fabulous until i remove it at night. i love that it comes with a built-in smudger so i can soften, blend or fix any mistakes i make. and there is still more! a sharpener is included to create the perfect point every time. gotta love that!

StayPut Eyeliner also features an anti-aging TriPeptide complex. vitamins C & E, as well as jojoba oil, help to protect against environmental damage. the eye area appears firmer, smoother and more hydrated. an eyeliner that includes anti-aging ingredients? what could be better?

redpoint creates amazing products, and the StayPut Eyeliner is one of many. so check them out at


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