Tuesday, July 8, 2008

hair therapy: AG Xtramoist Shampoo and Ultramoist Conditioner

hydrate and restore your dry hair with AG Xtramoist Shampoo and Ultramoist Conditioner!

wow...that was a little commercially, wasn't it? so sorry...

AG Xtramoist and Ultramoist are great products, i'm sure. but for me...i felt as though my hair has experienced better. i do find the pair to work very well together, leaving my hair clean, but not stripped, and soft but not weighed down (a product would have to be seriously heavy to do that...), and i like the smell (to me a creamy citrus), but overall i would say these aren't the products for me.

Xtramoist Shampoo is formulated with silk, keratin and soy proteins to strengthen and moisturize hair, and Ultramoist Treatment Conditioner features silk proteins and sunscreen to attract moisture to the hair to restore strength, elasticity and shine while adding protection from the sun.

while i get what these are supposed to do, after using them for a couple of weeks, i didn't find that i was crazy about the way my hair looked after using them. these two products are for over-stressed, dry, damaged or dull hair, so maybe they would be great for you if you fit into that category. i am only one person, so my experience will be different than yours.

find out more about AG Hair products at aghaircosmetics.com


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