Monday, July 7, 2008

Kim Kardashian to release her own fragrance

if you haven't heard, i'm telling you now: Kim Kardashian is working on creating her own fragrance.

i'm not surprised, was bound to happen at some point.

i am a fan of Kim and feel that she has great style and taste. her makeup is always flawless, and she knows how to put together a fierce ensemble. i don't expect her fragrance to be too childish or fruity, but more playful and sexy. Kim says it has been a longtime dream to do this, and she is working with New Wave Fragrances (distributors of Ed Hardy and True Religion) to create a signature fragrance that we can all wear...

here's what Kim says, from her blog:

it all started when my mom introduced me to famous perfumer Caroline Sabas from Gras, France. she and i have been working together to create a scent that is uniquely me that i can share with everyone!

i have also hired local designer Scott Oshry to help me create the perfect bottle for my fragrance.

it is in the development stages, but we hope to have it in stores by next may - mother’s day! it will be available in the u.s., germany, england, australia and japan.

i hope you love what i come up with!

stay tuned...


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