Wednesday, July 23, 2008

look of the day: the alternative to frumpy

i know we don't always have occasions to dress up, but looking frumpy, in my opinion, should always be out of the question.

you may have realized by now that i love dresses and dressing up, but, there are occasions when i just want to be casual for the day.

an outfit like this, bermuda shorts and a flowy top, makes me feel comfortable around the house, but i'm also ready to run out the door if i have to. add a pair of earrings, a great bag and sandals for a real casual-but-chic look!


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sweets5260 said...

Monique, I have the same opinions that you do! Life is way to short to look frumpy! :) As your post suggests, there are so many ways to look "simply" look great.