Friday, July 11, 2008

MAC Electro Flash swatches!

i was so excited to get to my local MAC counter, i could hardly sleep. the thought of seeing the new collections, and the fact that i finally got a new camera, made me feel like a kid anticipating her first time going to disneyland.

so, how was it? fabulous!

i actually got to the store when it first opened, so it was just me and the beautiful products (well, and me children, but you know what i mean). i, thankfully, had written out all of the colors and collections in my notebook, so all i had to do was make sure to keep everything in order. my son had a ton of fun spinning around in the makeup chair, as my daughter was confused, at first, as to why i was putting lipgloss on my arm.

after i told her, of course, she got it, and went on her way to drooling over all of the lipglosses and blushes herself.

i apologize in advance for some of the blurry pics. having to keep a five year old boy under control at a makeup counter for more than ten minutes isn't as easy as it sounds (smile) ...

eyeshadows: from left to right, Odd Couple, Sea & Sky, Hot Contrast

left to right, Polar Opposites, Pink Split, Play on Plums

left to right, Love Connection, Two to Glow, Fresh Green Mix

lipsticks (with a flash): left to right, Vanity's Child, Fast Thrill, Mellow Mood, Dangerously Hot

tinted lipglass: left to right, Culture Clash, Li' Hot Pepper, Major Minor, Sonic Vibe

this is a beautiful collection, be sure to check it out for yourself!


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photos taken by me :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! Now I want the Culture Clash Lipglass...

The Style Page said...

I thought that MAC was the trendsetter. Too Faced already has baked marbled eyeshadows.

Check out Nixie, it's a MAC clone!