Monday, July 28, 2008

my readers are the best!

Spas of America

so now we are in the final week of the Spas of America contest. you all have blown me away by keeping me in the top three!

thank you!

please continue to do what you have been doing and, if possible, add a few extra clicks everyday!

the contest runs until august 4th, and the top three bloggers (i'm number 3!) will be announced on the 5th. if you need a refresher on what it is i'm trying to win, click here.

so what is in store for you because of this? fabulous giveaways, of course!

stay tuned for the announcement of the first one later today...oh, you are going to love it!

thank you again!

and keep clicking... :)


Spas of America

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JennBee said...

Yaaay giveaways! *Click click click*