Thursday, July 3, 2008


the new Rembrandt line will get your your teeth looking amazing in a relatively short amount of time. well, at least that's what i am expecting...

the new Intense Stain Toothpaste boasts powerful stain-fighting ingredients to remove deep stains from coffee to wine. it is also sodium lauryl sulfate-free, so it is gentle yet effective.

the new Whitening Touch-Up Pen has an angle-tip applicator for easy application while on-the-go, a unique fast-acting Bio-Available peroxide that powerfully whitens, and is clinically proven to whiten in 14 days.

the 2-hour Whitening Kit contains fast acting Bio-Available peroxide formulated to whiten in just two hours, and is the fastest whitening treatment from the brand.

finally, the Whitening Strips, used just once daily, whiten teeth in as little as 5 days. they are enhanced with Formfit technology to conform to the unique shape of teeth and stay in place.

having healthy, white teeth is a simple effective way to look your best! i will be trying all of products over the next week or so, and as i finish one, i will move on to the next, posting my reviews along the way...

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