Friday, July 11, 2008

remove unwanted facial hair with Epicare So Easy

Epicare So Easy is an amazing product that will help you remove unwanted facial hair, all with an easy bend and roll technique.

hair removal is not something i look forward to, but it is something i must do. since i use retin-a, waxing is out for me (trust me, before i went to beauty school, i had a bad waxing experience...).

i was given the opportunity to try this product that acts as an alternative to waxing and combines modern technology with the principle of threading. using tightly wound springs, it removes unwanted facial hair from the roots safely and effectively without damaging the skin .

when i first saw it, it looked like a little jump rope.

how is this going to remove hair...?

well, it actually works! by bending it and rolling the handles between your index finger and thumb, it quickly (and surprisingly!) pulls the hair out.

i'll admit i was a little stunned at first (hair is being pulled out after all), but once i used it for a minute, i actually was getting used to using it. my skin is now smooth, and i still haven't had to use it since the first time (a week ago)!

Epicare So Easy sells for $17 and is available at


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