Tuesday, July 15, 2008

what to wear with your wide leg jeans

i had a reader write in and ask me about what to wear with her wide leg jeans. so here i am to share with all of you what i think.

wide leg jeans are fabulous (especially in a dark wash if you're not a size 2), but it can be a not-so-fabulous thing to wear if you don't pair it with the right pieces. since the silhouette of the jeans is wide, the key is to balance them out by keeping the top fitted. this is not the time to wear your flowy, empire waist top, as this will create too much bulk.

*for a night out, an embellished tank works fabulous with heels (and heels add legnth that wide leg jeans visually take away). you'll be comfy, but look amazing!

*for a summer bbq or get-together, try a bright strapless top with a long necklace to elongate your look. if you're tall, flats work great.

*have fun with your clothes! try a fitted vest over a vintage tee. this works great to give you an amazing bohemian-chic look.

there are so many trends out there, so be sure to try and wear what works best for your body. if a wide leg pant isn't for you, don't wear them! trends are fun, but we all need to play up our best features to look and feel our best.

have fun and be fabulous!


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