Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Archipelago Grapefuit Liploss

any citrus scent to me always puts me in a good mood (have i told you this before?). anyway, i was given this Archipelago Grapefruit Lipgloss by a fabulous gal that i met while mingling at at a party that took place at during my blogger summit.

i wish i could remember her name...

anyway, she not only gave me this amazingly sweet-citrus smelling, gives-my-lips-a-shine-for-days lipgloss, but she indirectly introduced me to Archipelago Botanicals.

Archipelago Botanicals, i have discovered, makes products that are known for their distinct smells, high quality bath and body products that help detoxify and cleanse with their medicinal benefits, and help keep skin looking young, vibrant and healthy.

collections include Milk, Sugar Cane and Coconut, Mineral Mud, Morning Mint, White Sugar and Mango, Pomegranate, Yuzu and Grapeseed, Brown Sugar and Vanilla, and it's newest collection, Grapefruit.

ok, back to this lipgloss!

what i like most about it is that it is clear, so i can use it over anything and not change a lipcolor i'm already wearing. it's not thick or sticky, and leaves my lips well hydrated and feeling smooth. definitely a great gloss!

unfortunately, their website isn't live yet, but i did find a site that sells it. you may also have a local store that carries it. so, if you love the scent of grapefruit and you love lipgloss, give this one a shot...i think you might like it!


photo: beautybridge.com

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