Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beauty 360, a new concept for CVS

i have to admit that CVS has become my drugstore of choice in the past couple of months. i love their new beauty department! the beautiful layout and back-lit shelves make me so happy...

now i hear they plan to take it one step further by turning them into full-sized beauty product boutiques called Beauty 360!

looks like they want to compete with Sephora and Ulta by filling every location with brands and products usually only found in department or specialty stores.

Mike Bloom, CVS’ senior vice president of merchandising, told WWD that the first of many stores will open in one major city on the east coast, followed by one major city on the west coast (i hear they will be washington, D.C. and sacramento, CA) by year's end, with about 100 slated to open next year. so what's the long-term plan? to have 500 to 1,000 stores open across the country!

while CVS is keeping the new Beauty 360 beauty names under wraps, 32 brands (not including fragrance) have been brought on board.

sounds good...

so tell me, will you shop at Beauty 360?




Anonymous said...

I Love CVS! I'm in there all the time. I can't wait. I wonder if they are going to have beauty clinics and things like that. Here is something a little off topic but, still fabulous. I found an online coupon for a 2oz. tube of Norwegian Formula Age Shield hand Cream. If you want to keep your hands looking younger and moisturized. It works pretty well. It helps to shield your skin from UVA rays that can cause premature signs of aging and sun spots; A must when you are exposed to the sun. You can print out the coupon at: I love coupons! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I'm on board!! I love CVS already, and the fact that you can return any cosmetics. Hopefully we'll be able to try things on, which would take care of having to return them. And they're on practically every corner!