Monday, August 25, 2008

monday musings....

i have decided (and already started) to keep a video diary, and in one year it will be editied together so you all can see my journey through this hair fiasco. i think it will be good to see everything unfold in one segment rather than little segments at a time-- at least for me! :)

i have made it a point to only think positively about this whole thing (it's not easy, but i'm doing it). we live and learn. that's life. and really, i gain nothing by moping around being depressed about it, you know? i can't let this get the best of me.

no, scratch that, i won't let it get the best of me.

i have gathered some amazing information and am so excited to share it with you this week. then as the weeks continue, i will be sure to "check in" every once and a while about "the hair situation". but really, i don't want this to become a blog about my hair. because seriously, there are too many fabulous products to talk about!

so again, thank you for all of the lovley emails and comments, and if at any time you have a great suggestion or questions for me ( regarding anything), please, feel free to ask. i am here for you!


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