Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Creme de la Mer: the review

i have always been quite curious about the famous Creme de La Mer, so having the opportunity to try it was quite exciting.

i had read that it is quite heavy and that while it doesn't irritate or cause breakouts, may not work very well for oilier skin.

this is true.

i found, however, that i could use it very sparingly at night and my skin would look radiant and beautiful in the morning. the more i used it, the more i noticed my skin taking on a healthy glow. i never broke out from using this, and you know this if you're a regular reader, that this is fabulous for me!

this product has such a great reputation, and many women swear it is the best product for the skin. of course, i also know that it isn't the cheapest product out there. so, if you are curious about Creme de la Mer, there are always samples available wherever it is sold. try it out for yourself, and then decide if it's worth the price to you!

Creme de la Mer is sold at fine department stores and online at



Jamila said...

I didn't know that they offered samples. I am still wary of trying it though... What it I like it? lol.

monique said...

Jamila- lol! if you like it, well... :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a chemist and my question is this...What is so fantastic about Mineral Oil (bad for your skin), Petroleum (bad for your skin) and Glycerin, which are the main ingredients of this stuff? Rare seaweed? If it were REALLY rare, you wouldn't be able to harvest it. If people want to pay hundreds of dollars for stuff that costs pennies to make, well then fine...believe the hype. There are MUCH cheaper things on the market that work just as well, if not better. Sorry, no sale here.