Monday, September 1, 2008

Gossip Girl: let's dish about fall's style trends

fall fashion is so exciting, designers prepare for it six months in advance! we all then become like girl scouts-- always prepared.

of course, i know some of you aren't as over-achieving or prepared for up-coming seasons, so here is a rundown of the basics you should consider before you go shopping for the fall/winter season in the next few weeks...

the signature coat

each of us should not only have a coat for the cooler weather, but it should really say something about who we are. we will be wearing it often after all!

dress yourself in lace

lace made a huge statement on the runways, and it will be something to add to your fall collection for a bit of texture and sexiness.

the skirt: mini, lean or full

every woman should have a skirt style that flatters and makes her feel fabulous! these styles are the best at showing off what you want to show off the most: legs, curves or waist.

floral prints, brights, and metallic

don't put those florals away just yet! this fall they are just as hot as in the spring. brights are just as fabulous (think rich berries, bright yellows, and bold greens and purples), and believe it or not, those shiny fabrics you reserve for night should be put on first thing in the morning (of course, if you are a bit weary of this trend, think of wearing a metallic bag or accessories).

comfy sweaters

cozy sweaters can still be chic! look for chunky fabrics, sleek knits and keep them a little oversized.

and of course, don't forget pants

for fall, there isn't one pant style that is standing out. isn't that fabulous! no matter your preference, skinny wide or the refined bell bottom, you know you'll look amazing and be right on trend.

so many other trends will be prevalent this fall, but these are some of the most basic and easy to adapt to. remember that fashion is fun and should make you feel your best. pick and choose what you will add or omit, and always be true to who you are!



Anonymous said...

Where did you find the top left coat?
It's gorgeous!

monique said...

all of the coats can be found on

here's the link for the black coat: