Monday, September 8, 2008

review: Redpoint Age Minimizer Line Filler

Redpoint Age Minimizer Line Filler has become my newest go-to primer. it works to help smooth out the skin and moisturizes to my keep makeup looking great all day.

this light formula also contains amino acids (for fighting off wrinkles), hyaluraonic acid (to moisturize and firm the skin) so this isn't your basic primer!

i love the fact that this comes in a pump-style rather than a squeeze tube, and i don't need a lot to get a great result. light-reflectors leave a sheer iridescence on my skin, and my foundation glides over it smoothly.

so if your looking for a primer that does a little something extra, this might be one you'd like to try!

find Redpoint Age Minimizer Line Filler at

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