Monday, October 20, 2008

L.A. Fashion Week: Maggie Barry

the very first show i attended for Fashion Week was late (scheduled for 10pm, didn't start until 10:30 or so) on monday night, and happened to be in downtown LA at Club 740.

i met Marta there, and also met model and up-and-coming actress, Katie Chonacas, who was a sweetheart.

the theme of the event was a circus, with performers intermixed with the designs, and was actually four shows in one, featuring Maggie Barry and all of the lines under her umbrella including Barry Savage and makeup artist/fashion designer, Tal Sheyn.

needless to say, this was definitely an eclectic-type of show.

i could go on and on with the pictures (i took over 100 at this show), but it really wasn't very good in my opinion. these pics say enough.


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