Wednesday, October 1, 2008

press release: Launches Om Aroma & Co.™ for Fall 2008

The Luxury Organic Skincare Collection is Now Available Through Premier Online Retailer

New York, NY, September 24, 2008 -- eLUXURY.COM is pleased to announce the launch of Om Aroma & Co.™, the luxury organic spa and skincare line that combines natural and organic beauty solutions with specialized science to create luxuriously rich and sophisticated products and treatments.

“I absolutely love the Om Aroma products – show me a girl who doesn’t love champagne!” exclaimed Caroline Goodman, buyer for “Typically, there are so many fillers and chemicals in the beauty products that we use daily, so it's great to find an organic line that really works." Adding, “Om Aroma is a socially and environmentally conscious company and I am happy to introduce the product line to eLUXURY's loyal, fashion customers."

Founder Angela Jia Kim shares, "We believe in transforming the skin the organic way. So we take ultra-sensual ingredients like Caviar, Champagne, and Truffles, and fuse them with organic ingredients to create products that are naturally great for the skin and offer anti–aging results!"

Kim became inspired to create Om Aroma when, as a touring concert pianist, she developed an allergic reaction to a lotion right before a performance. Upon her return home to New York City, she began researching the ingredients on the label and learned that she was reacting to many of the chemicals in the formulas.

Passionate about organic living and no stranger to the pursuit of perfection from her musical training days, she started to experiment in her Manhattan kitchen in the hopes of creating a sophisticated cream that was free from chemicals and preservatives. After more than 1000 formulas later, Kim developed a handful of products that were an instant hit among friends and family. Soon after, realizing herself shifting these efforts from passionate hobby to serious business, she hired holistic formulators, aromatherapists, and skin care experts to help launch Om Aroma’s array of skincare products.

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