Monday, November 17, 2008

Beyonce Rocks Spring Shoes at 2008 World Music Awards

Beyonce performed at the World Music Awards friday night wearing a killer pair of bronze gladiator heels!

of course, if you were to make an assumption about them, you would most likely say they cost thousands of dollars, right?


Beyonce's heels, named Fripalo, are from the brand Spring Shoes!

the sexy heels-- that completed Beyonce's hot stage outfit by couture designer Alexander McQueen-- are not, as one would imagine, out of most people's price range!

a constant champion of emerging brands, Beyonce and many other celebrities have been stepping out in Spring shoes. Spring's range of fashionable and high quality shoes at affordable prices are every shoe-lover's dream.

i'm so excited for Spring Shoes! now we, too, can have the fabulous shoes that we admire without having to save our pennies. now thanks to Spring Shoes anyone can walk in Beyonce's shoes without breaking the bank!

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