Friday, November 7, 2008

Get Kate Moss' Boots for Less!

Kate Moss is known of her amazing fashion sense, and isn't afraid to take risks (as you can see in the photo, above). she seems to follow trends without being too trendy, and as you can also see from that photo, she is doing it.

not sure which trend i'm talking about? check out her boots!

it's the season of the boot, and this year in particular, ankle boots are extremely hot. if you like Kate's boots, you may be reluctant to find out who makes the pair she's wearing for fear of the price tag, but you don't need to worry! i have found a similar pair for less!

these boots, called Lillia, can be found at an amazing website called .

not only will you find these boots on the site, but you'll find a plethora of other shoe styles, for men and women, as well as fabulous handbags and accessories! it is the mission of the Spring people to bring the most up-to-trend style at prices that are down-to-earth, so head over and take a look around!


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