Friday, November 28, 2008

hair therapy: AG Hair Cosmetics dv8

let's face it, hair needs to be controlled, but we don't want to have helmet hair while trying to achieve it! AG Hair Cosmetics is releasing a fabulous new product called dv8, and i can tell you first hand this is one styling product you're going to want to have!

AG Hair Cosmetics dv8 spray gives hair definition, style, texture and movement, without leaving any yucky residue or buildup behind! created for men and women with shorter styles, dv8 is a spray texturizer that provides separation and shine with a firm hold for limitless styling options.

i use this on my son's hair (he has thick, stick stright hair), and believe it or not, he really loves it. not really for the style it helps to create, but because of the smell. "mmm...yummy!" he says. and he actually started requesting that i use it each time it was time to do his hair. i'll be honest, this makes life a little bit more easy!

i was curious as to how this would work in my hair, since it's not short, but i needed a bit of hold-- love it! i spritzed it on before and after styling my own hair, and it held up great! it's not heavy and i didn't end up with pesky flaking at the end of the night.

dv8 will be available january 1, 2009. in the meantime, visit to find out more about their products!


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