Thursday, November 20, 2008

review: Amarte Aqua Veil Pure Hydrating Serum

Amarte Aqua Veil Pure Hydrating Serum is my new must-have product! in fact, i really don't even know how i ever lived without this amazing serum.

how can i begin to describe it? i could describe it as a gel that transforms into water as it touches the skin, but to be as technical as possible, it's a humectant. not a serum or a moisturizer, but a hydrator. it attracts water to the skin helping to keep it in balance.

it's great for dry skin seeking extra moisture, and it's fabulous for oily skin as well because it doesn't add extra oil. it can be used along with your regular moisturizer and skin will love it!

i know my skin has appreciated the extra dose of water. i do have oily skin, but it's prone to being dehydrated because i live in socal (and if you're wondering, yes it is possible for oily skin to be dehydrated--it is more common than you think) where the air is really dry.

another thing that also has me hooked is it's fabulous smell! the instant i squeezed a portion out onto my fingers the sweet cucumber scent caught my attention-- love it!! it is so intoxicating, i was hooked the first time i used it!

the refreshed feeling my skin is left feeling each time i use it keeps me eager to use it again. this "magic water", as it's referred to in korea, is now becoming more well-known here in the states thanks to Beautyfix.

never heard of Beautyfix? well, let me introduce you!

reader, meet Beautyfix. Beautyfix, meet my beautiful readers.

basically, Beautyfix is an amazing sampling program that allows members to receive the newest products before anyone else! you can share your opinions and experiences with other members. Amarte Aqua Veil Hydrating Serum, along with some other amazing products, are in this quarter's shipment! it's a fabulous program-- check it out!

and of course, visit to find out more about Aqua Veil Hydrating Serum.


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