Tuesday, November 11, 2008

review: Bioelements Kerafole Purge Kit

i have done a cleanse for my body, but have never even thought of doing the equivalent for my skin. that was until i was given the opportunity to try the Bioelements Kerafole Purge Kit.

like the name says, this is a purge for the skin, and just like going through your closet to purge your ever-growing stash of never worn shoes, promised to leave your skin feeling amazing and looking great (of course, getting rid of shoes doesn't necessarily make your skin look better, but you can feel better knowing you now have more room for new shoes that you might actually wear...maybe)!

the kit includes:

Kerafole-- a tingling facial mask that not only deep cleans your pores, but hydrates and sweeps away dead skin cells, helping to reveal fresh skin

Lip Buff-- a sugar scrub/mask that gently exfoliates while it moisturizes lips with essential oils of mint, citrus, olive, shea butter and jojoba

Stress Solution-- a lightweight skin-soothing serum that helps protect skin from the irritation of over-exfoliation, environmental irritants and chronically sensitive skin.

each product can be bought and used alone, but the purpose of the kit (aside from saving yourself some money) is to use all three of the products together for 7 consecutive days, with no skipping. at the end of the week, you are to have the best skin ever.

so does it work?


after using it the first time, my skin felt super-soft and looked healthy. after about 3 or 4 days, i had no irritation, thanks to the Stress Solution, and i could tell my skin was responding well. i am proud to say i didn't skip one day, and at the end of my experience my skin looked amazing!

now that i have complted my purge, i am using the Kerafole mask twice a week. i still use the Stress Solution and Lip Buff with it, which makes for a quick, yet pleasant at-home treat. i love it!

find Bioelements Kerafole Purge Kit at spalook.com


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Karyn Brianne said...

I'm sooo glad that I came across your review! I had a skin analysis today, and the esthetician gave me a sample of Kerafole and told me that I'd be hooked after a couple of uses. It's been on my face for 7 mins, and I think I'm already in love! I want to try the Purge, and I think your review helped seal the deal. Thanks!