Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inexpensive & Fun Gift Ideas for Your Co-Workers!

i received an amazing email about gifts for the co-workers in your life, and knew i had to share! i assume that some of you have them, and would like to show them your appreciation for them without having to break the bank.

these gifts are all under $25 and offer a fun and practical spin on the traditional holiday gift. check them out!

1: Built NY Gourmet Getaway lunch tote is eco-friendly and makes a great gift because, lets face it, taking lunch is so much more cost-effective than buying one everyday. this will encourage that co-worker to not only try to save money, but to have something cute to put her lunch in. it's machine washable and stain resistant, not to mention fabulous for everyday use and keeps food hot or cold for up to four hours!

2: Wake-Up Call Alarm Clock makes getting up for work much more glam than than waking up to the standard alarm clock. let them feel like they reside in a fabulous hotel and are woken up every morning by the staff. it goes something like this, "ring, ring...ring, ring...good morning this is your wake up call, if you would like another one in 5 minutes please press 5 now." then you obviously press 5 as many times as possible.

3: I Am Not A Paper Cup is a thoughtful gift for your eco-friendly friend that likes to have her starbucks coffee but really hates having a guilty eco-conscious. help her save trees and keep her beverage hot with this dishwasher-safe porcelain cup that can be used every day of the year- that's what i call eco-chic!

4: Voluspa 3 Wick Candle is something anyone would love! sometimes your co-worker (or you) need an escape during the workday, but going down numerous flights of stairs just for a breath of fresh air can get a bit daunting. why not create a little oasis at work! let this latest collection of winter scents take them away with scents like Snowflakes, French Bourbon Vanille or Pinecone frost...

5: EarthLust Water Bottle is another eco-fabulous gift that your recipient will enjoy using again and again without having to buy bottle of water over and over again. the amount of waste you create by drinking from plastic bottles is unreal! i know i stopped using bottled water myself, and not only am i richer for it, but i know i'm helping the environment. help reduce thiers (and your) carbon footprint with a gift of a stainless steel water bottle (ok, i'll get off my soapbox now...)

6: Sand Trap Golf Exec Sandbox is a fune desk accessory for the golf-lover in your office. they will appreciate this little distraction on the days when the end of the workday seems like years away. includes a hardwood sandbox, pearl white sand, one nickel-plated golf club pen, one flag, putting green, two mini golf balls, one grooming rake, and two stones. four!!!!!

7: Pro Con Pad is the perfect gift for the person who analyzes everything. they can use it to help with important business decisions as well as where to go for dinner! whatever the case, it's a great action-oriented gift that will help them decide in a scientific way.

these fabulous ideas will hopefully help and inspire you to decide on the gift(s) for that one (or more) in the office you have yet to buy for!

happy shopping!

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