Monday, December 8, 2008

L.A. Fashion Week: Lana Fuchs

i confess, i didn't know who Lana Fuchs was when i was invited to attend her show. i, of course, knew it was an opportunity to learn about another designer that could be brilliant, yet less known.

the turnout for the show was impressive- the line to get in was seriously long, and she was showing in the main tent, so i was excited! before the show, i had the opportunity to meet L.A Laker, Lamar Odom, and even got him to talk on the phone with hubby (huge fan)! more on that later...

the show itself was amazing! Lana's collection blew me away. two ANTM winners, Saleisha and Nicole, walked in the show, and with each look came more oohs, ahhs and applause.

my pictures were ok, but because of the seat i was in, most of the shots are side angles. so needles to say, i didn't take these.

when the finale dress came down the runway, a silk chiffon and organza bridal gown, the crowd, including me, was beyond pleased. the show was a success! as all of the looks came back down the runway, we were on our was fabulous!


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