Monday, December 1, 2008

My Interview with Makeup Artist Jake Bailey, part two

a change in seasons always inspires me to try new looks, and this is the perfect time to do so! my interview with Jake Bailey continues with me asking him how we ladies can update our makeup for the fall/winter season, and naming his favorite Max Factor products.

check it out his suggestions for updating our makeup:

updating foundation and powder:

"use a light liquid foundation, like MAX Factor ColorGenius Foundation with Minerals, as opposed to heavy one, as heavy ones tend to create creases in cold weather. choose a lightweight translucent powder such as MAX Factor ColorGenius Press Powder, so that your makeup doesn't look to heavy or tired."

update your blush:

"it’s important to wear blush in the winter because it warms up your skin tone. stick with a rosy blush like MAX Factor ColorGenius Blush in Roses, to play up the rosy, frost-bitten cheek look we already get in the cold weather."

update your eyes:

"because of all the snowfall and winds it’s important to use waterproof mascara in winter so that your mascara doesn't run. eyes are the most low-maintenance feature to play up in the winter. try a shimmery metallic shadow, such as the MAX Factor Vivid Impact Eye Shadows in Two Cents or Domino Effect to make eyes pop."

and don't forget the brows...

"with all of the coats, scarves, and hats coming on and off during winter months, brows can get messy and it’s important to keep them in place. a clear brow gel does just that. i love MAX Factor’s No Color Mascara which doubles as the perfect brow gel!"

update for your lips:

"stick with sheer glosses as they keep lips looking moisturized and healthy. berry-colored glosses are also good because they warm up skin tone making lips look luscious and skin glowing and flawless."

bgm: what are some of your favorite Max Factor products?

"my favorite products from MAX Factor are MAXalicious Glaze Lip Gloss because they are the perfect gloss with just a touch of color. my favorite shade is Secret Rendezvous; i call it the universal red because it works on most skin tones! i also love ColorGenius Foundation with Minerals because it is so lightweight but provides amazing coverage. i like to mix it with a bit of daily moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer which allows for lighter coverage and makes your foundation last longer!"

thanks again to you, Jake!

his suggestions are so simple and easy...

be sure to stay tuned for the final installment of my interview with Jake. he'll share his tips for creating a fabulous '10 minute face' for day and night, and offer a great solution for the most common mistake he has noticed women make with their makeup.

did you miss part one of my interview (featured in NY Mag's The Cut!)? click here to read it!

now i'm off to play with my makeup!


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