Monday, December 15, 2008

natural beauty: Nature's Minerals by The Body Shop

i get a lot of emails from readers regarding mineral makeup, and i must say they're not all good. i have been having a great experience with The Body Shop's new line of products called Nature's Minerals, though! The Body Shop is known for it's wonderful products already, so it should come as no surprise that they would do mineral makeup well, too.

finding a mineral foundation to match skintones is hard. some colors are too light or too dark with no color that fall in between (i've had this experience many times), which meant i would end up mixing color together (ugh...). to my surprise, i didn't have to do that with the Nature's Minerals Foundation. the color i chose, shade 06, and it gave me great coverage where i needed it, makes my skin look really pretty and healthy. my favorite part-- the spf 25!

the Mineral Cheek Color is sheer and adds a natural look to the skin. i have been using a color called Warm Copper that is a beautiful dark peachy-pink with a hint of shimmer; it really gives my cheeks a pretty glow, and i don't need to use an added highlighter when i wear it, so i get to omit a step in my routine everytime i use it!

the Mineral Eye Color are fabulously pigmented and wear very well. i have been using Radiant Graphite-- an interesting blend of silver-grey with flecks of gold that really illuminate my eyes and make them pop! it blends well, and lasts all day, the most important things i look for when using eyeshadow!

overall, i think Nature's Minerals is a great line! i do hope they will come out with a broader color range in their foundations. as far as i can tell from the website this range could use more selection in each direction. if you get a chance, stop by The Body Shop and look at it yourself, since colors online can be quite different from the colors you end up seeing in person.

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