Thursday, January 22, 2009

review: J.Lynne Cosmetics Smooth Mineral Foundation

you may have already read my rave review about J. Lynne Cosmetics Gloss FX Natural Lip Glaze (if not, click the link), and today i have to rave again about their Smooth Mineral Foundation.

this fine-milled powder not only treats my skin well, but it covers like no other mineral powder foundation i have ever used! i was pleasantly surprised when i first used it, and fell in love even more when my skin still looked great hours later.

below are pictures of the six samples i received so i could find my perfect shade (you can also order samples-- it's a great way to ensure you find yours!)

the "deeps" (my color is Deep Cool 5.2)

the "deepers"

i apply this the same as any other mineral powder foundations-- with a kabuki brush on the areas i need more coverage, and a fluffy powder brush for the rest-- and end up with smooth, perfectly even skin! one thing that caught my attention right away was that these contain no sort of shimmer or "light reflecting" particles; the finish is very matte. i like this because once i apply the rest of my makeup (most of which have a shimmer), i don't look overly shimmery.

available in 8 color groups, (porcelain, fair, ivory, light, medium, tan, deep and deeper), with each group featuring varying undertones, i believe that most people will find their skin's perfect match. i'll say it again though, order samples to be sure you find the right one.

visit to find out more about these mineral foundations, order and discover more of their fabulous products!

photos taken by me :)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love Erth Mineral mineral makeup & would love to see you review it in your blog. I think lots of your readers could benefit from a posting about Erth.

Any thoughts on if you'd be able to do that? Send me an email if you do!!

monique said...

Anon-- i am always open to trying and reviewing products on my site. do you rep Erth? if so, or you can pass my info on to the person who does, send me an email (it's on my sidebar), with info regarding the products and we can move on from there.


Anonymous said...

I personally love organic foundations and natural cosmetics because the thought of absorbing all of the chemicals into my skin does not interest me. The typical woman absorbs over five pounds of chemicals through her skin into her body from makeup.