Thursday, February 5, 2009

review: YBF Skincare Defend

YBF Defend is an oil controlling gel that is designed to protect skin from daytime agers, improve your look with spin trap (the cutting-edge antioxidant) and keep pores under control.

sound too good to be true?

well, it's not!

if you are a regular reader, you know i have a soft spot in my heart for oil-control products that actually work, and last year i found some great ones. i have had Defend since last fall, but didn't start using it until the end of the year, so i had no idea that i was missing out on a fabulous product.

seriously, this was one of those products that made me say, why didn't i start using this sooner? ugh...

well, no use complaining about it because now i use it everyday, and my skin loves it. the gel is light and fast absorbing, and since it does such an amazing job of keeping the moisture level in my skin from getting too low-- which, if you have oily skin you should know, causes an over-production of oil secretion from the pores-- my skin stays looking fresh and well-balanced all day.

Defend not only defends against oil, but free-radicals and wrinkles as well. it, like Restore, is formulated with Spin Trap, a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, which is a great for moisturizer and fighting off free radicals and hyaluronic acid, an ingredient that literally helps draw moisture into your skin as well as helps with the delivery of other ingredients so you get their full benefit.

i love this product-- it's definitely on my highly recommended list of products.

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