Wednesday, March 4, 2009

what i'm watching: Running in Heels on the Style Network

did you see the premiere of the Style network's new show Running In Heels? if you haven't, set your tivo to record it this sunday.

the show centers around three interns (Ashley, Talita and Sam), and the editors they work for, at Marie Claire magazine. it's definitely not easy for the three newbies. not only are they competing for a job at an amazing magazine, but they're also living together-- can you say drama?

if you missed the first episode, check the schedule and you may be able to catch it again. if not, be sure to tune in this and every sunday (with me and all the other bloggers who are obsessed with it).

meet the interns:

meet the bosses:

p.s.-- Style has also teamed with DSW for a daily Heels-A-Day giveaway -- your chance to win a pair of fabulous heels everyday this month. it's easy to enter, so do ahead and do it!

new episodes of Running in Heels air sundays on the Style (check your local listings)


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