Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fragrance review: Island Michael Kors Bermuda

Island Michael Kors Bermuda is a scent that i didn't think i would like. it was mainly the island thing. not that i don't like scents associated with all things beachy and island-like, but i personally don't prefer to smell like them.

i have found Bermuda to be the complete opposite of my idea of a tropical scent; it's a breezy and light scent that reminds me of a luxurious beach vacay. the fragrance doesn't contain the typical island notes that i would expect, like coconut, but rather is a fabulous combination of florals that are cheerful and exotic.

with a blend of hibiscus, tropical passion flower, and smooth cedar wood, Bermuda is a fabulous fragrance you may want to wear to keep you in a sunny, relaxed state of mind, even if the weather where you're at is anything but.

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Anonymous said...

sephora products are the best- got a sample shopping, just wish i could afford them!!! hoppy easter.