Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hair therapy: Jonathan Product Finish Control High Shine Hairspray

Jonathan Product Finish Control High Shine Hairspray is one of the few hairsprays i have found i really like because it's great at holding a style without being stiff or sticky.

i think i have reviewed a total of three hairsprays (this review included) since i started this blog, and it's mostly because i'm not full-time a hairspray user (i don't even think i qualify as a part-time user). so the fact that i am writing this means this has to be good!

there is nothing worse to me than not being able to run my fingers through my hair, and most hairsprays don't do so well in that department. Finish Control passed my test. i really couldn't believe how great it was when i first used it, and had to keep testing it out to make sure...

it hasn't let me down yet! this 100% vegan formula also works great on my son's spiky style without flaking by the end of the day (that can be so annoying), and keeps the hair in my daughter's ponytail in place for hours (i say hours because she hasn't once in her entire life been able to keep one in her hair all day, LOL!).

find Jonathan Product Finish Control High Shine Hairspray in Sephora stores, online at sephora.com and in the fabulous Beautyfix 2 Kit (for a limited time!)


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