Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Maybelline Introduces Pulse Perfection Mascara

vibrating mascaras are the new it thing, and prestige brands have had the market all to themselves-- until now. Maybelline will be releasing the first pulsating mascara to be sold in mass-- for half the price! Pulse Perfection, as it's called, vibrates 7,000 times per second and lasts well beyond the 3 month life span of mascara.

i'm excited to share this with you, and you know i'll be bringing you my thoughts on it as soon as i get my beauty-loving hands on one!

psst..you can get one of your own before the mid-june release, too! that is if you log on to maybelline's website on may 18 for the one-day online preview event. mark your calendars...


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