Saturday, May 30, 2009

review: Decleor Nutri Delice Ultra-Nourishing Cream

if you have dry skin and you're looking for a highly moisturizing facial cream that will give your skin the moisture it needs, as well as leaving it feeling and looking healthy, check out Decleor Nutri Delice Ultra-Nourishing Cream.

i have oily skin, so obviously i didn't apply this to my face. i did however rub some into my hand and instantly knew that anyone with dry skin just might benefit from it. so, i enlisted the help of my friend, Kat, who has ultra sensitive, dry skin, and she fell in love with it.

"i started using this a few weeks ago, and even the first time after using it, i could see and feel a difference in my skin. it made my skin look so healthy without leaving it feeling greasy. some creams i've used in the past have either irritated my skin or made my skin feel good for only a couple of hours. with this, i use a little amount in the morning-- a little goes a long way!-- and my skin looks and feels so good all day. i apply a bit more at night and my skin looks fresh and hydrated in the morning! it is finally getting good moisture. i haven't had any reactions to it and highly recommend this to anyone who has dry skin."

thanks Kat!

find Decleor Nutri Delice Ultra-Nourishing Cream near you by clicking here. it's also sold in Sephora stores and online at


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