Thursday, June 25, 2009

fabulous & frugal: Forever 21 Marisella Dangling Earrings

i love chandelier and bigger, dangling-style earrings-- they give any ensemble an added punch of pizazz! i especially love finding inexpensive pairs that will add a pop of shimmer or color to what i'm wearing...

that's where Forever 21 comes in. i can always count on finding great accessories there that won't break the bank. these Marisella Dangling Earrings, for example, caught my eye on their site, so now i need to get to the store to see if i can see them in person. they seem oh-so-perfect-for-summer to me-- like i could wear them with a maxi dress and some huge sunglasses-- don't you think? ;)


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nazelet said...

I love these earrings. The style of any kind of Indian jewelry is my favorite. I need to find a 21 forever nearby. I remember from NYC that they have good prices.