Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fall Beauty 2009: Nars Cosmetics

for fall 2009, Francois Nars wanted to create "a collection that reflected the modern woman - very fragile and strong at the same time." as inspiration, Nars referenced both the coquettish innocence of Lolita, and the sophisticated sensuality of Catherine Deneuve in Belle du Jour to conjure a beauty formula that is "very sexy, but at the same time ultra-elegant."

Nars says: "the fall colors can be used in a multitude of ways; to create strong eyes and muted lips, or the opposite, pale eyes and a strong pout. i don’t tell women what to wear; i provide different options for them to choose from."

check out the collection...

Fast Ride Lipstick

NARS doesn't shy away from dramatic color innovation. this seemingly dark purple may intimidate, but swipe it across the lips and its true shade is revealed: a sheer mulberry. a color that falls somewhere between an intense plum wine stain, and a moody, deep violet. the glossy grape hue is a playful, cool alternative to more common dark lip color options - as Nars himself once quipped, "makeup shouldn't always be so serious."

Tokaïdo Express Nail Polish

this new hue is a cult classic in the making. named after Japan's most heavily frequented high-speed rail route, this lacquer is an opulent blackened amethyst doused with ultra-fine gold dust particles. a chic alternative to the traditional polish palette, and a more current option for longtime devotees of black nail lacquer. hip but elegant, artistic but wearable.

Silk Road Duo Eyeshadow

this new shade mirrors the hues from traditional damask fabrics. classic meets edgy in this new duo-- an icy pink is paired with a warm rose gold with golden flecks. when applied to the lids, the effortlessly exotic effect is part old school byzantine empress, part modern-day "it" girl.

Brumes Duo Eyeshadow

these new hues perfectly capture the moody shades of a cool twilight sky. brumes pairs a velvety matte charcoal with a sparkling, blue slate for a smoky eye that is both confident and serene.

Indian Summer Duo Eyeshadow

a typical indian summer comes as a surprise, balmy sunshine meets brisk fall. swipe the summery, frosted champagne shimmer up to the brow, and line the upper lid with the autumnal deep, matte mustard for a striking look, appropriate for every season.

Mekong Eyeshadow

the perfect addition to the NARS woman's adventurous palette. the intense, blackened espresso hue scattered with rose gold is a study in contrasts. applied liberally across the lid it exudes a sexy attitude, or applied lightly, a simple, fashion-forward sophistication.

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