Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lindsay Lohan Goes Back to Blonde

LiLo has gone back to a very blonde look, and according to her it's for a movie role. in any case, the color looks ok. colorist Tracey Cunningham worked her magic for almost 11 hours to give the actress the platinum hue.

Tracey used Redken Shimmer One and Shades EQ professional haircolor using this formula:

*bleach wash (3 scoops of Up to 7 and 6oz. of de-ionized water) with highlights using Up to 7 De-dusted Lightener
*lowlights with Shimmer One 8Gb and 8N
*all over gloss of Shades EQ 09V Platinum Ice and Clear left on for 10 minutes

if you're looking to color your hair (in this color or otherwise), visit to find a salon in your area. if you have a question for Tracey, visit her expert page and your question could be selected as Tracey's Question of the Month!


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