Tuesday, August 4, 2009

review: Havaianas

for many flip flops are a staple. living here in southern california, there isn't a day that goes by that i don't see them being worn by many people. when it comes to flip flops, Havaianas is the most popular brand, and thanks to the company, i had the opportunity to try them out for myself.

if you are a regular reader, you know i'm not big on flat shoes. sure, i'll wear running shoes for exercise and i have a pair of slip-on tennis shoes for going places like amusement parks, but wearing them (especially flip flops) as an "everyday" shoe just isn't me.

Havaianas makes every type of flip flop you could ever imagine-- i tried a pair in their High Lite style, but my favorite pair turned out to be their Slim style-- they are sleek, simple and oh-so comfortable! i received a pair in Chocolate, a dark brown, and they felt great when i wore them to the beach (somewhere flip flops are a must!). to test them out even further, i also wore them to walk to the Starbucks across the street on a few occasions, found that they were perfect to wear after pedicures (they are so much more comfortable than the pair i used to wear), and was happy to have them when i had to make a late night drug store run.

so...i guess i could make these flip flops work under certain circumstances, wouldn't you say?

to find a Havaianas retailer near you click here and be sure to visit Havaianasus.com to view the entire collection of styles.


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