Wednesday, August 26, 2009

SensiClear Acne System

i consider myself to be a positive attitude type of girl. when it comes to my attitude towards acne, i would say it's anything but. there's nothing worse than having pesky little blemishes popping up like uninvited guests. thought my skin has been relatively clear these days, i've been using SensiClear, an acne treatment system with a patented ingredient called Retextra-- this ingredient, i am told, makes this system the most advanced for acne available without a prescription-- and i have had ha good experience with it.

although i only used this system once a day, i have to tell you that i found SensiClear to be extremely gentle-- my skin never dried out, and each product left my skin feeling refreshed, never tight or irritated. i do, however, believe that there is potential for a more harsh reaction to the products simply because the use of salicylic acid used a couple of times a day can be harsh on the skin. here's the run-down (from my experience) of each product:

Purifying Cleanser
this cleanser cleans my skin and leaves it feeling soft. i use this after first cleansing and removing most of my makeup with Philosophy's Purity Made Simple. i found that this was not only an aid in removing excess oils from my skin, but also any makeup left behind.

Balancing Toner
after cleansing, i use this toner all over my face and neck. isn't a liquid, but a gel, which, at first i thought it was strange, but once i discovered it left my skin feeling refreshed and clean, i was a fan.

Blemish Free Acne Treatment Lotion
the final step in this system helps to treat and prevent blemishes in a gentle and effective way. i didn't use it every night, but every other since i had no major breakouts to combat. this lotion lightweight and absorbs beautifully.

Blemish Free Acne Spot Treatment
to speed up the process of getting rid of a pimple, this spot treatment does the trick. i only had to use it a handful of times, but after each time i did (usually a couple of days), those little zits were running for cover.

i recommend you research this line for yourself. like i said, this review is simply based on my own experience. overall, i think these are good products-- not amazing, just good. they did help keep my skin on the clear side, but since i don't have severe acne, i don't know how this would work for that.

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My Personal Acne Diary said...

It's great that you found something that works.:) Would you know the main ingredients in these products?