Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Exploring NYC...

i ventured down to Battery Park today so i could finally see the Statue of Liberty in person. i didn't get on a boat, but rather took pics from where i could, then decided to "explore" downtown.

since i'm staying in midtown, bordering the upper west side of manhattan, i had to take the subway-- yep, that's right! i bought myself a metrocard, and that was it, i was off-- woo-hoo! i was alone, and i'm not from ny, so i was slightly nervous at first-- mostly about getting on the wrong train, LOL! thankfully, my friend told me which train to take and the system is very well organized-- there isn't anything to worry about in terms of getting lost. if you do need help, believe it or not, people are willing to help you find the right trains to get you where you need to go if you ask (i did it, twice!! ). one thing about going on the subway, though, is that it is hot underground. the trains inside themselves are cool-- unless they're seriously crowded-- so that's good.

somewhere downtown

on my adventure, i found my way to the National September 11 Memorial & Museum-- talk about emotional! i couldn't help but start to cry looking at all of the faces and reading the names of those who were lost on that tragic day. there are audio tracks of phone calls made, video showing the search and clean-up, guided tours from people who lived through it and/or lost loved ones, and all of the plans for the memorial park. i highly recommend visiting it!

needless to say, i did a ton of walking today! it isn't over, though, i still have until saturday, and i plan to go out again later meet up with some blogger gal pals who are just getting into town. stay tuned for more from nyc...


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