Friday, October 23, 2009

Beauty Girl TV: Three Cleansers I'm Loving Right Now

there are so many cleansers on the market, and i have many favorites! in this episode of Beauty Girl TV i'm sharing three cleansers for all skin types that i've been using the most lately. plus, watch to find out my secret to getting my skin truly clean...


products featured:

Philosophy Purity Made Simple*

Burt's Bees Radiance Facial Cleanser**

Sponge Gel Cleanser*** (available spring 2010)

tell me: what cleanser(s) are you loving right now?

*purchased by me
**sample received in press kit from Tractenberg PR
***sample received from a Sponge Rep in The Plaza Hotel's "Beauty by Warren-Tricomi" Department in NYC


Katie said...

I'm all about Cosmedix stuff. Their benefit clean takes all my makeup off without even scrubbing.

Anonymous said...

When I cleanse, I've noticed that most of my face gets clean during the toning process verses the cleansing process ...I wonder after watching your video if I am getting all of my make-up off and I plan on using different cleansers as you suggested...But would you agree that the most effective part of the process would be toning as far as makeup/dirt removal? Curious to know your thoughts!