Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Magical Beauty Collection by Carol's Daughter

is there a princess in your life (a daughter, niece, or fabulous little girl you just happen to know)? you may be interested to know that Carol's Daughter has collaborated with Disney to create The Magical Beauty Collection -- a line created based on the upcoming Disney movie, The Princess and the Frog.

The Princess And The Frog is a story about inner beauty, the power of believing and working hard at your dreams. this groundbreaking movie is also the introduction of Disney's first african-american princess, Tiana (obviously, a major milestone in franchise history).

The Magical Beauty Collection is a line for mothers and daughters (or as i said, you and any little girl you love) to share, and tells the story of Tiana's transformation along with the values she learns along the way. each product is a reflection of a specific lesson that Tiana learns during her journey, making the collection an inspirational way for girls to connect with Disney's newest princess.

here are the product details...

Shampoo ("The Beauty Within"): designed with a child's delicate hair in mind, this cleanser gently removes dirt and residue without stripping hair of natural oils. the formula leaves hair silky smooth and soft to the touch. renowned for its soothing, nourishing and calming properties, aloe leaf juice helps condition dry scalp and hair.

Conditioner ("Inner Shine"): this moisturizing conditioner provides long-lasting softness and shine, leaving hair more manageable for easy combing and styling. sunflower seed oil cleanses as olive fruit oil and aloe leaf juice condition and hydrate. protein-rich sweet almond promotes hair growth and adds luster while silk amino acids detangle for improved control and manageability.

Hair Detangler ("Dream Big"): this ‘wonder-product’ spray releases tangles while protecting hair against breakage, soothing tender scalps as it conditions. aloe leaf juice nourishes and calms as cranberry fruit extract helps maintain a healthy, itch-free scalp. lemon peel extract acts as a natural antiseptic, treating hair concerns while nourishing the scalp and adding shine.

Bubble Bath ("Sharing Means Caring"): this moisturizing bubble bath provides long-lasting bubbles that make bath time fun without irritation or drying delicate skin. the ultra rich formula cleanses and moisturizes skin with natural ingredients like aloe leaf juice.

The Magical Beauty Collection Gift Set: housed in a reusable tote, it includes shampoo, conditioner, bubble bath and a rose-shaped loofah sponge.

how fun does this collection look? i was in the Disney Store over the weekend with my daughter, and while her favorite princesses are Jasmine and Ariel, she scoped out Tiana and expressed her excitement over seeing The Princess and the Frog-- i think she would really enjoy these.

The Magical Beauty Collection by Carol's Daughter is available at Carol's Daughter Stores, select Disney Stores, Macy's, Dillard's, carolsdaughter.com and disneystore.com


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