Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Myth-Busting Advice from CARGO's Top Makeup Artist

CARGO's top makeup artist, Renée Ryan, hears it all when it comes to makeup. women have their own thoughts and misconceptions about the subject itself, but she wants to squash any myths that even you may think are true.

Renée believes makeup should work for you, so take a look at her simple tips, techniques and advice to ensure a flawless look every time and get her take on some of the most common makeup myths:

myth: i can use my lip gloss for years

reality: no, yucky! lip gloss, like food, has an expiration date. "the fact is, lip gloss gets old and goes bad," Ryan says. "ensuring that your make-up is fresh will mean that you're always looking your best."

because it's difficult to remember when you first use a gloss, it just so happens that CARGO incorporates cutting-edge Timestrip® technology into their packaging. this tiny (genius!) strip is embedded in the product's cap and keeps track of how long the gloss has been open. with 15 shades of Classic and blu_ray™ Lip Gloss, you'll never run out of new colors to try!

myth: bronzer is only for summer

reality: don't be afraid to use bronzer year-round to retain that healthy glow! "women are often intimidated by bronzer and sometimes unsure about how to apply it, but there's an easy trick," admits Ryan. "brush it on above the brow bone, under the cheek bone and along the jaw line. basically trace an 'E'nd a '3' on either side of your face. it's that simple!"

CARGO has an award-winning Bronzer that can be applied lightly, for a subtle sun-kissed glow, or layered for a deeper, intense "golden goddess" look.

myth: using eyeliner on the lower lid makes eyes appear larger

reality: this technique actually has the reverse effect, making eyes appear smaller, not larger. think about it: when a woman wears all black, she appears thinner. the same thing happens when we line our lower lashes, "slimming" our eyes. instead, Ryan suggests making your eyes appear wider and brighter by by highlighting the brow and shading the lid of the eye.

CARGO's Essential Palette features shadows that "are embossed with an application guideline-- outer corner; crease; lid; browbone-- to ensure perfectly sculpted eyes every time."

myth: my concealer is too bright

reality: you're probably applying it wrong! "with concealer, less is more-– and application is important," notes Ryan. "always begin with a small amount and blend it, using your fingers for the best coverage."

Ryan recommends CARGO's blu_ray™ Concealer, which comes in two shades, appropriate for all skintones. it was originally designed for high-definition filming and photography, so the blu_ray™ Concealer has light-diffusing pigments that create a fresh, natural look in any light.

myth: blush should only be applied to the apple of your cheeks

reality: no way! blush can be used to create a rosy glow and contour your face. "you can always put a light dusting on the apples of the cheeks, but to get the most out of your blush, simply change the way you use it," Ryan explains. "for denser coverage, select a dome brush and apply your blush below the cheekbones to get lots of definition."

another trick is to trace the tragus line (beginning mid-ear) with one of CARGO's bestselling blushes in Rome, Topeka or Big Easy. this both contours and highlights the cheekbone. "and don’t forget to experiment with color!" reminds Ryan. "CARGO's blushes all have neutral undertones, so the colors work on a variety of complexions. enjoy and have fun with it!"

great info-- thanks Renée!

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