Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shiseido Backstage at NY Fashion Week Fall 2010

Shiseido creative director Dick Page created numerous looks for the runways of fashion week, including looks for Michael Kors, Narciso Rodriguez, Zero + Maria Cornejo and United Bamboo fall 2010 collections; each look was distinct to it's respected collection, but equally beautiful.

the beauty look at Narciso Rodriguez put emphasis on clean, fresh skin and bold eyebrows which were the "most important detail of the look". to create the bold look, Page mixed Accentuating Cream Eyeliner in Black with a prototype of a white cream color from the Shiseido labs to create a dark-grey shade. he sketched the dark-grey cream into the eyebrows with a sharp edged makeup brush and used a mascara wand to groom the brows.

taking inspiration from the collection itself, the Michael Kors beauty look was made to be very classic and all american. skin was kept "warm with a flush of bright color" with eyes that were luxurious looking, "but not too heavy" according to Page.

at United Bamboo, the look was fresh, clean and transparent, with glamorous eyes and "structured" lips. "the lip and cheek color from this palette (to be released in november 2010) was inspired by the geiko in japan. their traditional lip color was made from ground safflower and water; this color is similar, but we added more specks of gold."

the look was "transparent and easy" for the Zero + Maria Cornejo runway show. skin was fresh with rosy cheeks and defined eyes. each model's face was lightly spritzed with water for a "glowy" finish.


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