Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautifully Organized with a Hold Me Bag

dear beauties i would like to introduce you to an amazing makeup bag. it's like no other makeup bag you have (unless you actually have this one)...

meet the Hold Me bag. isn't the wrap-a-round, vintage schoolgirl's book-bag look so adorable?

it has many places to store your makeup and brushes and can hold a lot! every bag comes in a black exterior with a material called Knew Suede, a soft fabric that keeps it's shape no matter what, and cleans up easily (there are different inner lining styles. Miss Suki is the one i have).

the center section has a separate liner in the bottom that is easily removable for cleaning. it can also be used outside the bag, if needed.

the brush/tool section has fifteen compartments (!!)-- some will hold single items and some, multiple items.

i love that the Hold Me bag allows me to fill it with everything from jars to bottles to compacts and liners to palettes and mascaras, along with makeup brushes, yet still closes and looks good!

as you can see in the above collage (click to enlarge), i really stuffed the Hold Me to see for myself, and show you, how much it could store.

i am so happy to have this Hold Me bag*. it's well made and i think every makeup-lover should own one. though on the pricey side, it is very cost effective when it comes to how much use you'll get out of it, is versatile, and it just makes makeup storage so chic! :)

visit to see all the inner liner styles and for more info.

*Hold Me bag featured sent to me for review by the brand.

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Libby's Pink Vanity said...

As cute as this organizer is, it's just too rich for my blood. :(