Tuesday, August 24, 2010

fragrance review: Halle Berry Pure Orchid

the second scent for the Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry Pure Orchid boasts notes of jungle cactus flower, lemon, blackberry creme, star anise, masdevallia orchid, giant sequoia and patchouli, which sound like they should work together beautifully to create a fabulous, complex fragrance, but i'm sad to report, they fell short.

to be honest, Pure Orchid is nice. not good, not bad, but pleasant. it's a sweet floral that doesn't go too overboard in the sweet department, and truthfully when i first smelled it, i enjoyed it and was excited to wear it.

that all changed, and i'll tell you why. each time i've worn it (about a dozen or so times now), the pretty, if-purple-had-a-smell-this-has-potential-to-be-it scent didn't last. within a few hours, the scent just disappeared. as if i never put it on...


you can find Halle Berry Pure Orchid at a drugstore near you and Walmart.com.

product featured sent to me for review consideration; second pic (of bottle and packaging) taken by me :)

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