Monday, February 14, 2011

currently loving...

happy monday and valentine's day, beauties! how was your weekend?

my weekend was gorgeous, and i enjoyed it so much. walking the dog, dancing, sipping tea, doing ballet (as a slower-paced-but-oh-so-challenging workout, it's fabulous-- haven't tried it? you should!), cooking yummy meals, running, reading (one book i'm reading is about Marie Antoinette-- wow), going to the park to play basketball with my family, and enjoying absolute perfect weather (73 degrees with a cool breeze)-- it was fabulous, and i admit i'm sad that's now over.

thankfully, i have some things that i'm currently loving that aren't gone with the weekend! take a peek...

for fun picture sharing Instagram is my new love. i'm having so much fun editing pics on my iPhone with fun effects, like these you see in throughout this post (look forward to more in the future).

to encourage my resolution for saving more money in 2011, i've been using download the software to your computer to print out great coupons each week (i've even had a few for magazines)! also has this great feature, and since i'm there a lot, i'm always printing, LOL!

L'Oreal Youth Code is hello, fab-u-lous. seriously, they've created an amazing skincare collection that i can't get enough of. it includes a serum, eye cream, day/night cream and a day cream with spf. for me, it's improved the look and texture of my skin. though i hate to admit it, i had very fine lines appearing a few months back and sometimes a, a-hem, "expression" line across my forehead when my skin is dehydrated. those have diminished since i've been using these products. merci!

because the weather has been cool and dry, and i'm already a total hand-washing diva, my hands crave nourishment and moisture. Aquaphor Healing Ointment to the rescue! i also use this on my kids' parched skin as well. at night i slather it all over my hands and feet for perfectly supple skin come morning.

what are you currently loving? do tell me in the comments! :)

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