Saturday, February 5, 2011

weekend musings: New Changes and Discoveries

bonjour, dear readers!

how was your week? delightful, i hope!

can you believe it's already february??

it's been a very exploratory, creative time for me lately (been doing lots of journal writing, home decorating, drawing, learning french, cooking, not to mention, i finally got back on my yoga mat after about a year). i'm trying to balance spending more time with my daughter and son individually, nurture my offline friendships and everything in between.

BGM is now a little more than 3 years old, and i feel, like me, now 31 (eeek!), the blog is ready for a change.

while i have a bit of an idea where i want my little online baby to go, i really want to let everything happen organically. afterall, it developed into what it is today the same way. that being said, i feel that i need to get away from so much celebrity and pop culture coverage so i can really focus on sharing more of the things i love, in addition to all the fun, beauty-related stuff.

please know i completely appreciate that you take the time to visit each day (or subscribe via email, reader or blogger), and i j'adore sharing my love of all things beauty and style with you! thank you!!

as a little heads-up, as the weeks progress things may be a bit different. i can't really be specific, since i'm not really sure myself, but i hope you'll continue along with me!

now that my rambling is over, i wanted to share some fab new-to-me blogs (along with some websites and random stuff) that i've recently discovered, am loving, and/or am being so inspired by. take a little time and be sure to visit them soon...


Dead Fleurette is an inspiration scrapbook where Fluerette shares fabulous articles or photographs as well as her musings on style-related topics.

Accidental Chic is a blog written by Tiffani Rogers and offers readers a daily dose of topics ranging, but not limited to, being fashion, beauty and financially savvy.

The Simply Luxurious Life is just about that-- living simply. Shannon Ables says about her blog, "the simply abundant life is something i believe every one of us can attain if indeed we are seeking quality rather than quantity, decadence rather than frivolity, personal style instead of trendy fashions, and a truly fulfilling life instead of being led around by the nose."

Into the Gloss is written by Emily Weiss (if you were an avid viewer of The Hills, you may remember who she is) and is an insider look into the world of fashion and beauty. her topics range from product reviews to featuring fabulous people and their own style, makeup artists, hairstylists, etc. all sharing their tips and musings.


Shelter Pop -- lots of fun home decorating trends and style tips
ModCloth -- fab vintage clothing and accessories
Pure Wow -- fashion, food, beauty, health, art, tech-- wow!
This Week In (they also have audio and video podcasts featuring everything from books to fashion!) -- catch up on all the fun happenings of the week.

random stuff:

Good Earth Teas (their original Sweet and Spicy blend is amazing)
American Eagle Outfitters (they have great basics and awesome accessories to jazz up your casual wear)
Pandora Radio (my fave stations? Pomplamoose, Ke$ha (this one surprised me, lol), Maxwell, Eric Hutchinson and Instrumental Hip Hop)
my new journal, yoga mat, gym bag and gloves :)

stay tuned for more...


Nikkia (Silver Lips) said...

Hey BGM,

I look forward to exploring your new interests. I too have been trying to find a away to incorporate all my new hobbies, interests, etc into my site! Can't wait to see how your passions blossom!

sweets5260 said...

Monique, I love hearing all of your updates...curious for ideas about where you like to purchase your journals. Papyrus has let me down with their beautiful yet unlined journals (I have to have lines); and Barnes and Noble isn't quite doing it for me. Any recommendations? I miss you. Please come to the OC soon! xo I can now leave for a couple hours sans kids;lol perhaps we could go out to dinner! xo

monique said...

thanks Nikkia! i look forward to seeing what you will do on your blog as well! :)

Nicole: right now i journal in a notebook i found at Target. i have also found some fun notebooks at office depot. sometimes i just decorate the front of them myself if i can't find one with a cover i like. i've also started an art journal. it's sort of hard to describe, but basically it's a creative, not-so-typical way to journal. you can google "art journaling" and find a plethora of resourses to give you ideas-- there really are no rules! yes, let's plan to get together soon-- i'll text you this week. :)

sweets5260 said...

Ooooh I am excited to hear about the art journal...then I could use the Papyrus notebooks! (;) LOL) Googling that now! And just curious when you say "notebook", does that mean it has a hard cover or soft? There are alot of beautiful soft covered notebooks, but I'm always paranoid that it will fall apart in years to come. Okay sweetie ttys!