Tuesday, October 4, 2011

won't make brown eyes blue: L'Oreal Double Extend Eye Illuminator Eyeliner

the beauty industry always has little gimmicks they like to throw out at us, the consumer, to pique our interest and hook us into their "newest" idea; in this case, i'm referring to the whole "only these colors enhance these eye colors" talk...


it's all well and good, but let's face it-- it's not completely true. so much so, that i rebel when it comes to the only-stick-to-these-colors-if-your-eyes-are-this-color philosophy. yes, green and brown eyes look fabulous when wearing shades of amethyst and purples, while blue and grey eyes look remarkable when wearing shades of mauve and coppers, but skin tone and hair color also should play a role in choosing makeup colors.

but i digress...

so i bought L'Oreal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator Eyeliner color enhancing duo liner in Black Sapphire, intended for blue eyes.

and i love it.

though my skin tone is cappuccino and my eyes are definitely espresso {clearly, i have coffee on the brain}, this liner's shade is a fabulous compliment to them.

the lesson, in my opinion? have fun and experiment with your makeup; ignore what the brand says you should wear-- if you want to try the liner/shadow/palette for green eyes and yours are blue/brown/hazel, go for it. chances are, you'll find it stunning. if not, always know that you can wash it away if it doesn't work out. :)

pics taken my me :)


Danielle said...

Agreed - this color looks fantastic with your skin & eye coloring. I've been wearing a teal liner a Bare Minerals collection last fall.

Jocelyn said...

So true! The one person who should know what is right for your eyes is yourself...well hopefully. That isn't the case for everyone.

L'Oreal's Double Extend Eye Illuminator Eyeliner color enhancing duo liner ...I read that name and was like.."wow that is a long product name"

thanks for the share!

Anonymous said...

love your blog! will def experiment with blue a bit more, break the mould!