Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Total Beauty: Keep Hair Healthy & Color Vibrant

while i've embraced the ombre trend by allowing my highlighted hair to grow out, i still can attest to the fact that keeping hair color looking fabulous and healthy is possible.

want to know some fab secrets for keeping your color-treated hair looking its best? check out this article from
5 Expert Tips to Maintain Your Hair Color

You've finally got the color of your dreams -- and then you watch it fade before your very eyes. Find out how to maintain your hair's color now

5 Expert Tips to Maintain Your Hair Color

This is a hair color article

Here's a happy scenario: You found the ultimate colorist and couldn't be happier with the color Mother Nature forgot to give you. Here's the sad follow-up: After a week of rockin' your new color, you realize your hair isn't as lustrous and vibrant as it was when you left the salon. What do you do? Check out these tips on how to lock in your color for good.

Keep color

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