Sunday, February 19, 2012

nyfw fall '12 beauty ~ NARS

new york fashion week wrapped up a few days ago and the NARS team definitely made a fabulous impact! inspired by the visions of designers they worked with, using current and yet-to-be-released products {yay for new beauty goodies!}, i thought you'd enjoy some of the highlights...take a look!

at Honor, NARS director of artistry, James Boehmer created pretty, beautiful skin {NARS Sheer Glow foundation used} that was "luminous and glossy" with eyes that were "deliberate and sculpted in a chalky grey shade." to compliment the collection, described as a "love story between a preppy boy and exotic, argentinean girl." Honor designer Giovanna Randall says, "it's the merging of two worlds ~ very refined and earthy with tapestry prints and a modern take on art deco."

at Fabiola Arias, the collection was full of strong pieces. NARS international lead makeup artist, Uzo, created rich, illuminated ombre eyes; warm shades, complemented by gold tones on the inner corners of the eyes, created an illuminated look. Key Largo, Kuala Lumpur, and Kilamanjaro duo eyeshadows {along with new Vent Glacé Duo Eyeshadow, available fall 2012} were key. designer Fabiola Arias wanted the models to look "really lit from within, in gorgeous dresses and hats that my mother, a milliner, created."

Thakoon wanted to focus on the lips for the fall/winter season, so NARS makeup artist Diane Kendal used fuchsia pink, a less obvious shade when one thinks of a bold lip. "the collection is a romantic cliche of something old new york...upper east side in the '80s, but with a quirky twist", said the designer. "it's reminiscent of the past but still feels modern." Kendal says of the shade choice, Heat Wave: "we wanted to play with color, and it ends up making the whole look so interesting."

the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection explored duality, "creating illusions of form by exploring the idea of shadow mapping and paneling, using positive and negative space to evoke the notion of a neo-noir heroine with a strength that belies her innate vulnerability." brand ambassador, Francelle Daly, gave models a look that was "part cartoon, but emotional, edgy, ethereal, and on the brink of tears. think, 'comic book super hero' meets 'emotional Roy Lichtenstein' character." key products included Carpates Stylo Eyeliner, Outlaw blush and Undress Me Multiple {all new for fall 2012}

Naeem Kahn's collection was inspired by italian actress Monica Vitti. "i wanted to do a collection that referenced italy in the 1960s...a beautiful time", says the designer. James Boehmer created a precise, sharp line on the eyes to bring this inspiration to life on the face. "everything else has that 'barely there' feeling. the eye line has to be really sharp and pointed up towards the temple - it's not a cat eye, and it's not a wide eye. it draws the eyes up." key products included Larger Than Life Mascara and Carpates Eyeliner Stylo.

so many fabulous trends to love and products to look forward to, wouldn't you say? stay tuned as i bring you more beauty and style highlights from ny fashion week!

info and images courtesy of NARS

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